Saturday, 25 October 2008

Progress in Southgate Corridor

Since my meeting of residents I am delighted to report that, thanks to a grant from Suffolk
County Council and the diligence of SEBC's engineers, the promised traffic calming at the corners of Honey Hill/Sparhawk Street and St Mary's Square/Southgate Street is to go ahead.

In order to protect vulnerable buildings at the top of Southgate Street, and any pedestrian using this area, it is proposed to widen the footway on the eastern side and install bollards, similar to those used in Sparhawk Street. In addition to installing bollards there will be a change in the appearance of the entry into Southgate Street to slow traffic further and encourage drivers to approach on the correct alignment for this bend.

These proposals will not mean the loss of any parking, but there will be less clearance for the bays on the west side of the street and parking large vehicles in this location will not be recommended. A similar change to the appearance of the entrance into Sparhawk Street from Honey Hill will be made.

In order to undertake these works together (rather than piecemeal) the junctions will need to be closed for a few days and traffic diverted: unfortunately the law requires six weeks notice of closure, and so there will inevitably be this delay before works begin.

If you have any comments on these proposals please contact Jeff Horner on tel. 01284 757334 or email or of course comment here.


Bury Boy said...

Progress at last. This is good news lets hope it is enougth.

Mark G. Hardy said...

Have you thought about trying to measure the acceleration between the "new" corner and where my car was written off?

Are you coming to the High Court on Nov 5th?

Bury Boy said...

Good to see a Police officer with bike and speed camera on duty on St marys Square this morning, What a difference.
This is not the first time the officers have been seen. Its good to know our views are listened too, and the officials are true to their word, please continue to be seen. Such a difference to see police back on the beat.

Paul F said...

BB - Thanks for the positive feedback. I shall pass on to the officer concerned.

MH - I don't imagine the speed camera measures acceleration.