Thursday, 16 October 2008

Is this Abbeygate?!

While Mrs F was kindly driving me to a council meeting yesterday afternoon (it was pelting down) I took this snap as we were passing Beech Rise. The entrance seemed to be cordoned off with white-suited personnel in force, as well as the police.
Not until I got home in the evening did I find out that a man had been stabbed earlier. According to this morning's news a 15 year-old boy is being held in Bury police station and a knife has been recovered. This is a terrible thing to happen anywhere, but unheard of in this quiet lane on the edge of my ward.

Earlier in the day a house in Southgate Street was yet again hit by a vehicle. Council officials visited later and I am again urging action. I am told the pavement here is too narrow for bollards and it may have to be widened.
Scroll down to 7th September post to see when this last happened and you can see how much worse the damage is. This is clearly an intolerable situation for the residents


Anonymous said...

Can't you drive yourself? Mrs F taking you doubles the journeys. Not very environmentally friendly CLLR Farmer. You could always invest in a mackintosh.

Paul F said...

I have been driving for very many years. On this occasion I was hoping to cycle, but there was a very heavy shower which caused local flooding. It was too late to walk with an umbrella but I walked back, thus letting the world continue for a few minutes longer than otherwise and freeing up a parking space on Angel Hill.