Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Another job done

Ages ago I had a complaint about a gap in the kerb (shown here now in lighter brick colour). I have walked past it hundreds of times since and even bumped into the complainant at the very spot more than once - rather embarrassing! I kept on reminding the powers-that-be and hoped something would one day be done. It's funny how these things don't just obsess residents, but also me!
Imagine my delight when driving past today. Not only was the job done, but a new space-age bollard was put there as well.
Well done SEBC highways. Better late than never!
By the way, two of my readers know where it is, but what about the rest?


Picklesmum said...

Is it Southgate Street? Everything (except rude car) in your blog is always Southgate Street!

Paul F said...

Oh dear PM, EVERYTHING? Well a lot happens there and I walk/cycle in the area most days, so I'm there to see it.

Will happily include any other issue you tell me of (eg Victoria Street) when appropriate.

Florries Mum said...

Feeling left out PM? Why not move to where everything happens. Lots of houses for sale in our street at the moment-and lots of lovely people and doggies in the area.
But why is the bollard such a strange shape? BB thinks it is so that large lorries when they mount the kerb will slide back down it. I'm not so sure.
I wasn't very impressed with reports of the meeting that I couldn't get into in the press. They seemed to think that because'no-one has been killed yet' that we should let things go on as they are. Also another of your readers asked me where were the average speeds on the street survey taken from? If it was the top then obviously the speed would be lower than the bottom.

Paul F said...

What press report/s please FM? I haven't seen any.

Florries Mum said...

I think it was Thursdays East Anglian, but the paper has hit the recycling bin now. I didn't see anything in the BFP about it. Just a small report on an inside page-and you were quoted concerning the farcical way they can only impose a 20mph speed limit if the average speed limit is already approaching that.

Picklesmum said...

Happy where I am thanks! Am I right then? Could it possibly be Southgate Street? Or a road just off Southgate Street? Or somewhere NEAR Southgate Street!!

Paul F said...

Thanks FM.

PM, right again! (Corner of St Mary's Square.)

Anonymous said...

You people seriously need to get a life.

Paul F said...

Thanks anon. I don't know about others but my life is seriously full. Being one of the Town and Borough Councillors for the most central ward in Bury St Edmunds is a privilege, but a very busy one. Don't judge my work on the few lighthearted posts and comments. There is serious stuff on this website too - AND you get to comment.

Bury Boy said...

take a look at a back article in the Daily Telegraph Friday 3rd October page 4. "streets lose signs in safety trial" seems shared space is the latest initiative from the progressive traffic engineers. Yet another oppitunity lost in Kings Road ( note PM not southgate street).

While we are talking about Southgate Street, are we going to get a speed and traffic loop, as outlined at your meeting. One like the one in Churchgate street maybe. but lets put ours half way down for a true speed reading shall we.

Paul F said...

The 'traffic loop' will not go down until other measures have had a chance to work. What we need is tests that show LOW speeds (daft isn't it) so I hope they will be held on the bends!

(Have you seen the police in force - Insp Zoe Finn tells me they have been there a lot.)

As for Kings Road, I was interested to read a letter in the BFP re this on 19th Sept. I shall try to reproduce it for my next post.

Thanks to FM for pointing me to the EADT piece. The library copy had gone 'walkabout', so I did indeed have to use my contacts to find it.