Saturday, 23 August 2008

Saturday's stuff

I wonder how many of you have noticed the replaced railings on the path from Chalk Road to the underpass by the multi-storey: they are rather more utilitarian than the originals.

But who was responsible for this work? One might be forgiven for thinking B&Q, since those same railings surround the store. But was it in fact the Borough Council? I shall find out, as I have had a complaint about the poor match. Watch this space.
UPDATE: It was the council wot dunnit!


Polly said...

Erm, and the link between me and B&Q?!

Paul F said...

Beautiful & Quixotic?

Picklesmum said...

What DOES B&Q stand for? We think Buy and Queue. Always long queues there.

Anonymous said...

Block and Quayle, apparently. It was first called this when the store opened and was then shortened to B and Q. Fascinating huh?