Monday, 11 August 2008

Little things matter

Once there was a very poor yellow line here outside Halcyon Days in Woolhall Street, and not surprisingly it did not discourage illegal parking. After a lot of badgering I managed to get it repainted. Within weeks EDF got Morrisons to dig up the road, but failed to reinstate the yellow line as is their responsibility (not the Council's).

Having endured weeks of perfectly legal illegal parking (if you see what I mean!) the Council has had to do the job instead - although one vehicle's wheel got in the way. I hope EDF will be billed accordingly.

While posting would anyone care to say where this is:


picklesmum said...

The Enchanted Wood from Enid Blytons Faraway Tree. (You can tell what I am reading to Pickle!) or Nowton Park?

Bury Boy said...

The "Great Churchyard" maybe !

Paul F said...

Well done BB - good try PM!