Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dangerous corner

No, not the play by J.B.Priestley, but a corner in Abbeygate ward that has seen many collisions between vehicles and house walls.

It's why the bollards were put there in the first place...

...but beyond the bollards there is still a huge danger to pedestrians from careless drivers who take the bend too fast or simply don't understand the possibilities of skidding - like the one a few days ago:

The damage to number 1 Sparhawk Street shown above might seem superficial, but what on earth would have happened to a pedestrian in this spot?

I have lost count of the number of collisions here (there have also been some at the top of Southgate Street) and the number of times I've contacted the Borough Council and Police about ensuring a speed limit of 20 mph - to no avail. Happily my latest letter and Cllr Richard Rout's involvement means that there may be a few more bollards in place and a SLOW DOWN written in white at least once on the road surface.

What else can be done, apart from closing the road?!


"I regret to have to report yet another collision of a car into the wall of Sparhawk Street houses (this time number 1), late yesterday afternoon. It is the fourth accident in eighteen months, of which two involved number 2. I have lost count of the number of collisions in this part of the Southgate corridor since my involvement in the area six years ago, and can only be thankful that so far, miraculously, no pedestrians have been hit.

Residents are naturally again extremely concerned, and those at numbers 1,2 and 3 have already contacted me. Not surprisingly they look to the Council for help, and I trust you will now revisit the situation in this area, with a view to taking some urgent action to mitigate the obvious risk to traffic, buildings and pedestrians. Before long there is bound to be a serious injury or worse.

I understand from Richard Rout that you were considering painting a SLOW sign in white on the road surface following the last recent accident. I think this should now be considered in the context of greater action, which might involve bollards, further traffic calming methods and an extension of the 20 mph speed limit beyond “the gates” – something you know I have been campaigning for since 2002.

I believe that the Council would be in a weak position were there to be a accident to pedestrians, given the history of collisions and repeated requests by councillors and residents for action. If only for this reason please seriously consider my plea. I and Richard are of course happy to meet you and residents on site at any time to discuss this further, and I look forward to an early response from you which I can then share with residents."
And here is one of the earliest cuttings about my past involvement in this problem throughout the Southgate corridor. Double click and it may enlarge.


Bury Boy said...

I think we have covered this in earlier posts, A speed indicator half way down the first part of sothgate street might help. Simlar to those in use in thetford and else where localy. Before you say local planning rules restrict this check out the new sign errected for the restriction out side number 8 southgate street, a sign errected with out planning permission or notifiction referring to a new road layout. The one way post outside number 134 has power and position. who is objecting ???

Paul F said...

Totally understand BB, but I think you want something more prominent than the sign you mention.
However, Richard and I are discussing something which may do the job even better - watch this space!

Mark G. Hardy said...

You do continue to disappoint me and many others. This problem came to light - again - because my (parked) car was written off when a neighbour's car was hit by an admitted speeding motorist.

It was my suggestion some weeks ago to paint "slow" as a partial measure and so far it hasn't happened.

Stop getting on the political gravy train.

Paul F said...

Sorry to disappoint you MH. Who are the others? Your neighbours in Sparhawk Street whom I have been working with since 2002 to try to sort out this problem, several of whom have already thanked me for my recent actions of which you are unaware? Maybe the 457 who voted for me? Please explain your sweeping criticism.

I have credited Richard Rout for managing to effect your suggestion (hardly the first person to make it).

Mark G. Hardy said...

So why not share with us the entirety of the intended council/police action that arose after the most recent crash that Richard organised?

Or do you always drip feed the voters?

Paul F said...

See my post update. The letter was only copied to those in Sparhawk Street. After all, to do so more widely might lay me open to accusations of getting on the political gravy train.

Mark G. Hardy said...

You really do continue to disappoint, but not surprise, with your endless self promotion.
Pray inform the readers what the police talked about doing weeks ago - or weren't you copied in on the emails to Richard?

Paul F said...

If you don't like my response MH, don't make the comment. If only to save some lives from boredom, this correspondence is now closed.