Friday, 13 June 2008

Beech Rise - a bit safer?

The exit from Beech Rise (and therefore Grindle Gardens) into Southgate Street, has always been dangerous, given the traffic coming off the Southgate Green roundabout from the right. It is something I have been on about since 2003, but always with the promise of a Suffolk County Council grant for investigating how to improve it but never any real action.

Where there used to be white line hatching, drivers could ignore it. I suggested the pavement be widened that far to force vehicles out into the road so they could be seen from the Beech Rise exit. I readily admit I had no success with this either.

Happily, an offshoot of the creation of the cycleway here has indeed pushed the pavement out, so much so that cars coming off the roundabout into Southgate Street can be seen a little more easily and even have to slow down to squeeze past vehicles waiting to come the other way.

Not the best solution for Beech Rise/Grindle Gardens motorists, but definitely an improvement I am told.

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