Friday, 11 April 2008

And now for something completely different/safer

This little frog is escaping from Bakers Lane not far from the Anglian Water leak which an Anonymous highlighted some time below.

But from where do you think these early bluebells (the first in Abbeygate this year?) are sprouting? Come on David and Picklesmum - fight it out. Perhaps I shall turn this into a poll, but not until I have constructed my new blogsite, based entirely on my health - only joking PH.


picklesmum said...

This is difficult? A piece of badly tarmacked(?) path could be ANYWHERE? Is it near the Cathedral?

Paul F said...

It is PM. Sorry. A big clue is it's near a roundabout and the view is to the West.

Anonymous said...

Picklesmum, there was a bigger clue in the picture if you know Abbeygate ward. How many grass verges are there in the ward? Very few. Also the brick wall is quite old which reduces the options further still. Come on Paul, make it a little harder next time so I do not get too quickly. Make sure that the photo is away from my morning "walks" or away from youth hostels. Will let the others guess before you reveal but from your big clue it shouldn't take too long, maybe just time to see a game of rugby first.
Was there any significance in the picture of the frog?. Were you trying to take one of a toad instead and letting us guess who it reminded you of for next guessing game? There would be plenty of candidates, I will let others start with some names. PS The water is now flowing even quicker than when you took the photo, Why then should the frog be trying to escape when it has its own stream?

Rose said...

Southgate Roundabout ? On the Rugby Ground Side.

Paul F said...

PM - When I said 'it is', I meant 'difficult' not near the Cathedral. Sorry for any confusion.

Rose - Well done. Your comment came in before I posted Anon's big clues.

Anon - Well done too. I didn't know your walks extended that far. You are in danger of outing yourself!

I like the toad game, but better not go there.