Thursday, 27 March 2008

Southgate Street

At last some tangible progress in traffic calming in Southgate Street, following extensive plans and consultations with residents. I know it is not perfect, and some would prefer something further up the road; but what is now taking shape will be better than nothing. I hope to add pictures as the work progresses.


Anonymous said...

As you were so close, I hope you noticed the water leak that exists in the kerb in Baker Lane, outside No. 3, onto the road. This problem has been going on for several months now but over the last few weeks has got progressively worse. This has been an extreme waste of fresh water and hopefully you would be able to put a stop to it :). Looking forward to seeing any result from your intervention .

Paul F said...

Thanks, I will take a look and report back.

Paul F said...

I am afraid that because of the legal requirement of six week's notice to close the road, this will not be mended until the beginning of May. Anglian Water and Suffolk County Council can only get this notice waived if the leak is considereed an "emergency" - which makes you wonder how much water has to be wasted for it to be deemed thus!

Sorry I can't help more than pass on this information.