Sunday, 30 March 2008

Killing Me Softly


Paul F said...

I posted this for a bit of light relief, but another cllr says on his blog that I 'mullered' it.

He should be grateful I didn't sing it too.

Bury Boy said...

You can sing as well !!!!!

Paul F said...

No BB - that's why you should all be grateful.

My singing only extends to doing so within a choir, however small. When I was choirmaster at Walsham le Willows I often had to try to fill in the gaps - ie sing the only bass, tenor or even male alto line - sometimes whilst at the keyboard.

If you and FM want to come round I'll compose a special trio for us: maybe 'The Southgate Street Blues'. Or bring Florrie and we'll try 'How much is that...'

Anonymous said...

i love this song and i think your playing does it justice. ITS BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
What a relief!
As a southerner, I'm not qualified to comment on local issues but this, I can.
It's so good.
Can you make it a regular slot?

Paul F said...

Thank you Anon and Seniz. You are too kind!