Sunday, 10 February 2008

Market in decline?


Save Our Bury said...

What does a few pictures prove? It just shows you only look at the things you want to see and not the whole picture. As always with "footfall" customers, how many is immaterial if no-one is spending anything. Look at the people and try to see what bags they are carrying, are there many market carrier bags? - NO. Are people prepared to buy from the market stalls and cart it all the way back to the distant car parks - NO. Did you take the picture on a typical day and not one of the best days of the winter so far - NO. Have you compared your pictures to ones taken some time back and compare the number of people who are actually buying - NO. So to answer your question "Market in decline?" the answer is YES YES UNFORTUNATELY YES. All because councillors do not live in a real world and do not have to pay for the mistakes that have they make. Why remove town centre parking in what is a rural market town? This should have been a priority and then any any future building that takes place, such as your white elephant shopping arc, should have been built around it if at all is needed. The market is the heart of Bury and not an inconvenience and should be treated as such. The pictures do tell me something in that it is very sad the way the market has gone, for when I first came to Bury over 30 years ago I remember it was a hive of activity and gave Bury a true meaning and character. This due to your actions and has now all but gone. It will be a very sad day when it finally ends and there will be no more. Yes, people will still meet in the centre and you can still take your pictures of them casually walking about as you have done but you will not be able to take a picture of Bury's heart and soul because you have long taken it away.

Paul F said...

I was disappointed in my pictures, because they did not convey the reality of the bustling market I witnessed - yes on a fine day, but so what? Would anyone judge it on a rainy day? Incidentally, you obviously haven't looked at them very carefully as far as the bags are concerned. No doubt you see what you want to see and blame who you want to blame. Nothing I say will make any difference.

When I first came to the area just over 30 years ago this part of the market was no busier, and the livestock market did not decline because of anything the Borough Council did - it was simply the march of time.

If you want a rural market town go to Sudbury or Stowmarket. But how thriving will they be in years to come?

All town centre car parking has not been removed, and indeed with the underground car park will return in an improved form.

What this council has done is create an investment of £100M+ in the town centre that will save it from being frozen in time and all but dead.