Saturday, 26 January 2008

YMCA: provision or encroachment?

The local YMCA in Westgate Street (Batt House) has put in another planning application for a detached extension in its rear garden. This land is in the Conservation Area and is bordered on the western side by houses in Whiting Street. The plans can be seen on St Edmundsbury's website.

The need to house young people is obvious, but should back development be allowed in this Conservation Area?


headless said...

It would seem that the plans take into account neighbour issues (ref Design & Access statement).

No doubt this application will be used as an opportunity to criticise the YMCA by those who don't like it being in the town centre at all.

I doubt that the plans contained in this application will make much difference to the enjoyment by neighbouring properties of their gardens etc, than currently is the case.

It is too easy to criticise and find fault with the extremely difficult group they work hard with, and much more difficult to be grateful that someone is doing something to help. Much like nurses - I simply couldn't do their job, but thank God there are those who can and do.

Paul F said...

Thank you for that Headless. It looks as if you have a few of my readers agreeing with you.

However, it really does affect some houses in the low 40s in Whiting Street - none of which has an internet connection.