Sunday, 27 January 2008

A *********** of councillors

Well, what is the collective noun for councillors? Any ideas welcome.

Here we were yesterday, driving round Bury to see some of the council owned assets so that everyone knows what they're talking about when they are discussed. Deputy Mayor Frank Warby took time out when we were strolling around to say hello (or whatever he's doing) to WPC Enise Bala from the central SNT.

And below we are having a look at the Guildhall, a property we are responsible at present for maintaining.

Now that collective noun - maybe an argument of councillors?


picklesmum said...

As one never seems to know what the next one is up to, how about 'A confusion of councillors'?

Bury Boy said...

You needed a bus for this exercise then?
I take it a walk around was out of the question?

Dont suppose you would care to list the "assets" you viewed ?, maybe we can then have a sweep to see which will be closed or sold off next.

How about a "auction" of councillors

Paul F said...

You naughty cynic BB!

In nearly three hours we managed to cover ground from the Northgate Ward to Southgate Ward (obviously a long way) whilst walking round the town centre too.