Wednesday, 23 January 2008

"Councillors park free"?

When David Nettleton recently said in the BFP and EADT: "councillors...all park free in Bury" using a free badge, what he did not make clear was that this is not in any of the public car parks, but only in the ten or so spaces in front of the Borough Offices when on council business.


Fibo said...

NICE Blog :)

Bury Boy said...

That is even worse Paul. It means there are 10 spaces which do not yeild any revenue when not in use by councillors.

Far better they ( you and your elected mates) had a pass to park in a public carparks, at least then some others may appricate the conditions, distance, and state of the car parks. some may even find they have to park in the multi story, and walk to the meetings. lets hope they are not caught short.
( thats assuming Angel hill, and Ram Meadow are full, and they dont wish to park on a local street)

I am sure its a taxable benefit, and the BC receives revenue from the SCC if they take advantage.

Paul F said...


BB - I almost always walk or cycle to meetings as you know, because I tramp past your house or cycle behind it along Raingate Street.

headless said...

Yeah, BB - he knows where you live...

So be careful what you say :)