Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Hide Bar - a sensible result?

I was present from 10am-12.40 to hear all the submissions and understand that the result of the licence review was as follows:

Door supervisor to be on hand Thursday-Saturday 8-12.30
Rear garden closed Monday-Wednesday
Rear garden closed after 10.30pm Thursday-Sunday

It was clear that the aim of those who instigated the hearing was not to close down this establishment but to suggest conditions that would help alleviate the actions that led to the complaints. Let us hope that this popular bar can continue to flourish but not at the expense of nearby residents.


david said...

Paul - you got sweet FA out of that. Stop wasting taxpayers money on these futile attempts to turn back time.

Paul F said...

David - I take it you didn't read the agenda papers. You either misunderstand the situation or are being mischievous. Neither does you credit.

david said...

Paul - I read the papers and canvassed informed opinion from both sides of the argument late this afternoon.