Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas shopping #2

This was Sainsbury's (they put the apostrophe s there) at 11 this morning. Mrs F dragged me there by foot, and on the way we met the wife of a LibDem borough councillor cycling back. She warned us it was manic, but my furtively taken interior photo does not do justice to the crowds.
The vehicular approach was completely jammed and the driver of the lorry shown just put his head in his hands. Note the imaginative parking.

The most worrying aspect of the visit was the discovery that there were no sprouts - heads will roll. One small boy was running after his mother with four in his hand that he found lurking among the avocados.

"I've got the sprouts, mum" he said proudly.

"Oh put them down" replied mother.

"They might become valuable: they're the only ones you'll get" piped up Mrs F.


david said...

Paul - having worked for both Marks & Spencer and Tesco in the past, the one thing I know not to do is turn up at 11.00 to buy any food two days before Christmas. We bought our sprouts yesterday in Waitrose as the morning shoppers were heading home and before the afternoon shift had arrived. All I had to contend with was Nigel Aitkens in a Sherlock Holmes hat.

Why did you go to Sainsbury's anyway?

picklesmum said...

Picklesdad and I did our food shopping in Tesco Copdock at 2am after a Christmas party in Woodbridge. It was not busy except for the people filling up the shelves and they had plenty of sprouts.

Paul F said...

Mrs F is very organised and had got everything that mattered. We only went there (6 mins by foot - you need another reason?) for grapes and cream. Sprouts were already obtained.

Anonymous said...

re 'sprouts' - a bit late but I urge everyone to support the town centre provisions market. Here even on Christmas Eve the fruit and veg [especially sprouts on the stalk] is fresh, locally produced and cheaper both in money and carbon footprint. Please support your local traders - this is the 'heart' in the Heart of Bury.