Friday, 16 November 2007

Good news!

This story lifted my spirits when I picked up the paper on this very cold morning (-3.7 as I write). I have seen Frank several times this week, and, great storyteller that he is, he never mentioned this one. Well done Frank!

The Rising Sun also features on the front page of the BFP today, as it does in Ruby's blog. I won't go into the detail, but the landlord's indirectly quoted remark that the decision "spells the end for live music in the town" couldn't be further from the truth, unless he is referring to live amplified music. It is only amplification that has been banned.

Veterans were upset by the "streamlining" of the wreath laying in St Mary's Church last Sunday, according to a story on page 3. Apparently Peggy Brame of Severn Road was also "angry" about waiting for the Mayor, councillors and VIPs to arrive at the war memorial on Angel Hill. I don't know why, as we arrived well in time for the 11 o'clock start, and there was no delay. (There was no report about the people who were relieved the service started promptly at the traditional time.)

The Bury Society want the Borough Offices on Angel Hill listed (p.6) apparently because the building is in "a distinguished position" and no doubt to scupper chances of its demolition. Whilst no decision about its future has yet been made, how sacred is this 1930s building? There were houses there beforehand and an imaginatively designed "west terrace" could perfectly complement the existing north terrace of houses. (It could also mean a better deal for the council tax payer.) But that would mean change!


Amanda said...

Morning Paul
Well done Mr Warby! That was a great story to read this morning.

I must say that I was not suprised to see P.H having a snipe at you in the letters page. Me and my husband read it and laughed about him and how childish he is being. It is school playground behaviour -now knowing more of how he is (after the outcome over the Rising Sun) I would never trust a word that comes out of that man's mouth. It seems as though he does and says whatever he can to make himself look like "such a great bloke".

Don't worry Paul - I'm sure that all those people that have posted on Ruby's blog saying what a wonderful man he is will realise one day - probably a day or two too late - but they will see I am sure. I think P.H has a tendancy to talk too much and so his words will fail him at some point!

Colin said...

Oh dear Amanda, welcome also to the "play ground".
I have commented on Rubys site in favour of Hoffy. And do not regret such a statement. I am a bury boy a few years older than Paul, and have like many bury people seen Paul grow up into what he is today. Yes at times he does speak before he thinks, at times he reacts from the heart, and at times he is a pain in the arse. But he is willing to stand up and say the things that concern him, He is willing to seek a public vote for his views, He is willing to take on the paid servants of the tax payer. To his credit he is willing to cross swords, trade insults with other councillors both in the "chamber" in public and in net space.

Paul Farmer is a big boy too, he knows what he is doing and saying, politics is a local and virbrant sport, long may it continue.

It is the likes of us who should be careful with our comments, as we do not seek public approval, election. You of course could vote against him at the next election, or stand against him if you feel strongly. I hear even people living out side bury can repesent a town ward ?.
There are many other elected repesentatives who seek our vote who we hear nothing from. dialogue and expression are good for a democracy. long may it be so.

Ruby in Bury said...

Amanda / Paul IMO that is a libellous comment as it openly casts aspersions on Paul H's character.

Amanda, I am interested to know how you knew of whispers the Rising Sun was going to become a gastro pub only the day after the hearing? May I ask where you heard these whispers>