Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Feast of Saint Edmund

We hear a lot about St Edmund v St George. Tuesday will be St Edmund's Day and today is the day for churches to celebrate this important East Anglian figure. So it was off to where-else but St Edmund's Catholic Church this morning, for a short civic parade from the Presbytery to the church next door in Westgate Street.

The mayor, Cllr Mrs Margaret Charlesworth, and her husband the Consort before the Mass

Father Philip reminded us that this was a man who died for his beliefs, unwilling to be the puppet king of others. He suggested that Edmund's virtues of truth, honesty and integrity were an example to those in civic life - a humbling but wholly reasonable proposition!

Macebearers and Swordbearer show off their wares in the crypt afterwards

Former Borough & Town Mayor Mike Ames, sporting his Papal decoration

Former Mayor Stefan Oliver, who serves at the church, with Cllr Mrs Gower and her husband

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david said...

St George is the Patron Saint of England: St Edmund is an East Anglian martyr, little known outside Suffolk. A few years ago, some local politicians made themselves look rather foolish by promoting St Edmund as a replacement Patron Saint. It was bound to fail as in the modern parlance St Edmund is a sub-prime saint.