Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Market day

I don't go to the market much, but Mrs F and I did today. Look how the cranes are welcoming us into the new development already - or are they trying to say something else? What do you think?

This former solicitors' office is planned to become a new nightclub, run by the unfortunately named Ruin Ltd. The notices on the window tell you that both planning permission and a licence have been applied for - with closing dates not far off.

Does Bury need a new nightclub, and if so should it be here?

Finally, some mushrooms in the grounds of Southgate House. I didn't pick them.


david said...

Paul - yes and yes. You deserve a nightclub after all your efforts recently. 'Ruin' is a far better name than 'arc', so quit complaining.

colin said...

Are you saying that "A@@" and the developer Ruin are in league with each other ? ( no that would be too much of a possibility)

This seems an ideal spot for another night club, If we needed one, but then lets let good ole supply and demand settle that debate,few local residents,to up set and also close by in security terms.
What will be interesting is the opening hours granted ?
What next the RSPCA buidings or even the second hand warehouse, No on second throughts the body building currently used by some off shoot of the the council at our expence.

Paul F said...

Good to have you back Colin, however bizarre your comments.

david said...

Colin - you have managed to baffle two councillors with one comment. Have another stab at it.

Paul F said...

I have since found out that many Kings Road residents have already submitted their objections to this application, and it looks as if I shall be supporting them in future.

David, in my position would you not do the same?

Colin, we're still waiting to be unbaffled...

Colin said...

Baffled Boys.

Imagine this as a scenario. 4 or 5 night clubs all centrally located, around the junction of kings road and st andrews street.

Night club 1 Current place
Night Club 2 Ruin
Night Club 3 at the old Andrews and Plumpton site currently occupied by the RSPCA. ( pet shop has closed, and the kebab house)
Night Club 4 in the old / new Andrews and Plumpton building behind Denny Bros.
Night Club 5 in the "Body" building current under used by SCC, wasting more tax payers money.

Lots of under developed brown field sites.

This would be ideal ( for some) good parking near by, fast food close by. central in security terms. Few residents within 300 meters, and existing trade and licensing hours.

This scenario would make the developers and their supporters locally rub their collective hands together.

All this may sound far fetched, but the cattle market development started out the same way.

david said...

Paul - no I wouldn't (and haven't).

Colin - sorry, I'm even more baffled. You seem to have overlooked the Corn Exchange as a possible venue for laughter and singing.

We could end up with a two-stroke town centre: the northern half - which I represent - filled with street cafes, wine bars, clubbers, bright lights and a vibrant evening economy; the southern half closed after dark and the street lights dimmed.


Paul F said...

Yet another reductio ad absurdum David.

david said...

Paul - I don't speak Latin.