Thursday, 27 September 2007

SID's in Southgate Street!

I am delighted to report that SID is now at the bottom of Southgate Street for a few days, warning motorists of their speed and I believe recording data. What a pity it had to be set to smiley face if going at 30 mph rather than 20!


Paul F said...

By 4.30 it had gone! I hope its coming back tomorrrow - Florrie's Mum, please keep a look out.

florries mum said...

No sign of it Paul, SID has either been stolen or didn't want to do the job properly. It wasn't there when BB left yesterday at 10.30am, and wasn't there when I came home at 7pm. So it wouldn't have registered the driver who barely let me park before putting his foot to the floor and with screeching tyres hared off down the road, nor the boy-or-girl racers who graced us with their music?? after the pubs shut, nor the two police cars at 7.45am this morning with their sirens blaring. That wouldn't have been a problem normally but as BB only got in at 3.30am after driving back from Holland I wasn't best pleased. If the council are going to do this then they need a representative example with a decent time frame.
Lets just hope that there was a problem with SID, and that they don't use whatever statistics they have gathered over a very short time period to give us non-representative results and tell us there is no problem. Very frustrating for all of us.

Paul F said...

I absolutely agree FM. I was shocked when I went past this afternoon and nothing was there. I shall get on to the County Council asap and find out what is (or is not!) happening.

Good thing I happened to have my camera with me when I spotted it yesterday!