Monday, 3 September 2007

Nurse Farmer to the rescue!

This morning I broke one of my little toes. I'd like to be able to say that it was whilst playing football with deprived children in Chequer Square, but that would be lying. I simply stubbed it: I was hurrying from one room to another, barefoot (as you do) and on passing through a doorway all of me except the toe managed to avoid the 3/4 open door.

It was as painful as it was stupid. As I recovered I noticed the toe in question was sticking out to the right instead of forward. "Funny", I thought: this can't be right (ha ha -"correct"). I showed Mrs F, who immediately said "Oh dear" and rushed me off to A&E (fortunately its still there). There they gave me an X-ray and said it was fractured. They then gave me very painful injections either side of the base of the toe (to stop the pain!) before wiggling it lots (shades of "this little piggy...") and strapping it back in place.

I now have to lie with my foot 45 degrees higher than my waist until I visit the fracture clinic tomorrow morning. I only hope they will let me resume my council duties as I've already missed four engagements today - and yet St Edmundsbury hasn't stopped?!

As you can see from the picture, I am back at work in some form or other, for once relying on my laptops' batteries - or should I call them tummytops?


picklesmum said...

As I am forever telling Pickle and Picklessister "STOP RUNNING EVERYWHERE, you will hurt yourself!"
No, no sympathy from me!

florries mum said...

Am I allowed to say that if you had been wearing Crocs this may not have been so bad?
You look as if you are enjoying yourself lazing on the sofa slightly too much. Don't smile too widely or Mrs F may withdraw any sympathy on offer. You are lucky you got a pain-killer-most people get the elasticated strapping and told to go home, its only a broken toe. But do keep it raised, even in bed, it makes all the difference to the swelling. And if all else fails I have a lovely prosthetic adjustable shoe you can have that I was given when I had some painful bones cut off the side of my foot.I enjoyed the rest too-six weeks of it! And the experience of trying to get around town in a wheel-chair was truly enlightening.

david said...

Paul - we had a lively meeting starting at 5 this evening. You would have enjoyed it. Your apologies were noted.

21st Century Mummy said...

Is that a gin & tonic on the table to ease the pain ;-D

Paul said...

PM - you're so CRUEL!

FM - if I had been wearing ANYTHING it night not have broken. I am smiling because that's what I do when someone points a camera at me - as a result I do look a lot happier than I felt. Mrs F would never withdraw her sympathy, but I'll take your advice just in case.

David - sorry to miss it - only hope the fracture clinic people say I can go to future ones.

21CM - sadly its water, but it has not been an entirely alcohol free day, for medicinal purposes only you understand.

Anonymous said...

"Deprived children in Chequer Square" What exactly do you mean by this?

Paul said...

OK anon, I meant "in Chequer Square with deprived children" is that better?

david said...

No ball games near the Obelisk.