Sunday, 23 September 2007

Foreign posting

I am sitting in the departure lounge of Knock airport, in western Ireland, waiting for the 4.30 flight to Stansted. I couldn't resist the chance to post from here, although Mrs F is not too pleased - having got me away from my laptop since Friday morning.

She is still recovering from being demanded 20 euros "development fee" by the airport administration, having had no warning of this by Ryanair or anyone else. Mrs F doesn't like that sort of thing: "Well it's just as well we've got 20 euros isn't it!" she huffed to the deeply unpopular lady demanding this unexpected tax.

Well my ten minutes for 2 euros is nearly up, so I won't go on. Suffice to say that I have got some interesting (to me anyway) pictures to post when I get round to it.

See you all again soon...

1 comment:

florries mum said...

I hope they didn't confiscate your Holy Water from Knock pilgrimage site at the same time-no fluids for security reasons etc,etc. Hope your foot is cured now.