Saturday, 28 July 2007

Not Bury Market

I'm just back from where I took this photo of dog-in-bag at a market with lots of shoes to excite some of my fellow bloggers. When I catch up with the emails and post I shall get back to blogging.

In the meantime, any guesses where? (Ruby excluded as she knows, so may only comment without giving the game away.)


Paul said...

Sorry for the rushed poor grammar. I have not come back WITH any shoes for you.

david said...

Paul - we have just returned from Pizza Express after another grand meal. I noticed a few interesting shoes but gladly no crocs. Spoke to a couple of Norfolk Road residents about Ipswich Unitary and vowed to renew fight to Save Our Schools. Promised to contact out nice county councillor on Monday who is also their borough councillor. We Shall Overcome.

picklesmum said...

Is in the UK? Suffolk? We don't usually have dogs in bags around here?

Paul said...

Interesting pizza connection David.

Missed the Ipswich news whilst away, but I did see Mrs F's younger brother in crocs. I don't like them and will be declaring this potentially explosive position elswhere.

I suppose there's no chance of any rational debate from you or your cllr friend on what is best for children rather than populist politics that will garner future votes? I can hear the words "broke" and "fix" in my head as I write...

PM - Thank you for playing. So far: no, no, yes.

david said...

Paul - I've made my position clear on crocs and sensible shoes in general, so don't think there is anything I can add. Over to you, chum, and the best of luck!

The debate in Pizza Express last night was perfectly rational and centred on what is best for children - in particular, what two parents from Norfolk Road thought was best for their own and other children. Neither parent is politically active or committed to any Party, as far as I know, but both are active in voluntary school support groups.

Ipswich Unitary comes into force in April 2009 and I hope that 4 other Unitary Councils are created in Suffolk by 2011 at the latest.

Suffolk County Council would then be disbanded and each Unitary Council take responsibility for the education in their area.

All I'm suggesting is a pause in the push to force unwilling parents and teachers to accept the end of Middle Schools in West Suffolk. What's 'irrational' about that?

If you become an elected member of a Suffolk West Area Council, you would be free to continue to advocate the abolition of Middle Schools, especially if you had first campaigned for it at the hustings.

I have never understood the difference between 'popularist' and 'popular' but perhaps you ought to reflect on your comments about the Queens Head before calling me names.

I doubt that advocating a car-free HCZ is a popularist policy - and before you say it's easy for me as most of the Zone is in Abbeygate - I have long advocated parking restrictions in both the town centre and inner suburbs, which covers all the Risbygate ward.

There would be permits for the disabled and access rights for those with off-street parking places, so 'car-free' is somewhat misleading, but the commercial town centre would become pedestrian-only with dedicated cycle lanes (but not in Abbeygate Street). Nothing personal!

If you put all that to one of your polls I suspect over 90% would be against. Not very popularist, am I?

21st Century Mummy said...

Thought I'd pop over to play, not at politics but at spot the market ;-)

Is it somewhere in France?

Paul said...

Getting warmer 21stCM. Think "shoes", and see if you can get there before I next post this morning.

David - you'll always be popular with me :-)

david said...


Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

Paul, for the person incapable of rational debate or doing anything without attacking me, it should be noted that the Government Minister has informed SCC that it is extremely unlikely that they will grant any more Unitary Authorities to Suffolk. SCC has also been advised to forge ahead with the Pathfinder, which has been held up as an exemplary bid. It should be noted that Ipswich has not yet achieved Unitary Status due to it's financial business case which as of yet simply does not stack up. It should also be noted that this was a 100% political decision which in our [Conservative Group] opinion is not in the best interest of the people of Suffolk. It will probably give a Labour controlled Ipswich versus a Conservative Controlled County.

The decision in no way affects the Schools Re-organisation process. For anyone to say it does, is as you rightly say, just shooting their mouths off without ever having to be in a position to make difficult decisions. In other words, just the same as usual.

david said...

Historically, Labour politicians have favoured Unitary Councils and Conservative politicians have wanted control to stay in the shire areas. It was the same in the days of Redcliffe-Maud in the late sixties with Harold Wilson backing Unitaries and Edward Heath opposing the Report.

Heath won the general election of 18 June 1970 so Unitaries won only a limited victory in the Local Government Act 1972.

I suspect the future of local government re-organisation depends on the outcome of the next general election - Gordon Brown or David Cameron. Your guess is as good as mine but it will be a political decision either way. Silly to pretend otherwise.

Does this make me 800 as well as 500?

Paul said...

800 it is David. Will you manage 1,000?

Winding back a bit, what "popularist" comments have I made about the Queens Head?

Paul, I don't think anyone has attacked you here, and I didn't say what you quote in your last few words. Thank you for the other info.

Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

Paul - as on Ruby's blog, you just have to look for the attack, it's always there - In this case it was this - "Promised to contact our NICE county councillor on Monday who is also their borough councillor." So it's not rocket science is it that I am the other county councillor who in David's opinion is obviously not Nice! I'm afraid he just can't help himself can he?

Also what on earth is the 800, 500 and 1000 all about?

david said...

Perhaps it would be more fun to guess the date of the 1,000 post rather than the 'poster'(if that's the right word). This could involve noting the number of days between the 500th and the 800th post, multiplying by a factor of 0.66, allowing for a 40% reduction on Sundays and, finally, anticipating the number of seperate posts you initiate within the next 3 weeks.

On the other hand, a wild guess might prove more accurate.

I will respond to your QH question on your ward blog, but it maybe tomorrow. I'm soooooooooo busy this week.

david said...

Paul - if somebody praises you would Richard Rout be offended? Of course not! And vice versa, I'm sure.

The two Norfolk Road residents I spoke with in Pizza Express on Saturday evening mentioned David Lockwood by name as they know him well and value his support for Middle Schools. David is, therefore, the right person to contact for the reasons stated then (and now).

The other county councillor wasn't mentioned by anyone. Had he been a supporter of Middle Schools, these two parents may well have suggested that he be contacted also. But he isn't; so they didn't. And do you know something - neither did I.

florries mum said...

Hoffy I thought politicians had to deleop a bit of a thick skin-do you have to look quite so hard to be offended, or did yours get sloughed off in the Channel?

Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

Florries mum - I've had 4 years of it from this particular councillor and one of his buddies (you may have read about him in the EADT). I'm quite capable of taking it, just a bit sick of it that's all. There's more important issues to deal with rather than to keep having a go at me I would have thought.

Paul said...

Right, that's enough petty political sniping now. Further comments will not be posted.

david said...

Paul - do you remember Henry and Minnie Crun from 'The Goon Show'? They used to call one another 'buddy'.

'There's someone at the door, Min.'

'Who is it, buddy?'

'I don't know: I haven't opened it.'