Friday, 20 July 2007

My Polls

Despite a good number of people visiting this site, very few have voted in my first polls. I can hardly say the results are representative even of my visitors, let alone the wider public. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the Cattle Market receives almost equal fear and hope (a bit more of the latter) and most do not want to pay for additional loos or a clock museum.

Please believe me when I say that there is no way of telling who votes: it is completely anonymous. So feel free. By current trends there should be 25 votes each day. Maybe I should try and find something to appeal...?


david said...

Paul - your samples are too small for any conclusions to be drawn. Simon Harding's polls are more popular than yours and you rubbish them in council meetings.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Isn't that what I said?

Simon Harding's one on the anor House was popular because: it was loaded; he dealt with one particularly contentious issue for some; announced his website in the BFP; it was election time; it was supplemented heavily with had copies being put through doors locally.

I 'criticised' it (I don't recognise the word you used) because he asked me a question which completely misrepresented his results - but then you know that don't you?

headless said...

Hi Paul, I don't recall you mentioning each of your new polls on your blog and as I read your blog through GoogleReader I've no idea of their existence.

If, however, you have been mentioning the polls in your blog, I obviously haven't been reading it that closely... Ooops...

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Before anyone points it out I obviously meant Manor House.

Headless, I probably didn't mention my polls, but I had no idea that there was any way of getting only part of the blog. I shall menttion them in future, but if you can't see them, presumably you can't vote?

david said...

Paul - that's a relief! I thought Red Cow had renamed the Manor House. We could be next - aul Farmer and avid Nettleton.

I understand your main complaints to be that the sampling was too small, the respondents weren't a cross section of the community and the questions were closed not open.

Your 'would you pay more tax' questions are closed but your Queens Head question is open. There is a subtle difference between these two types of questions but it is an important distinction.

colin said...

Oh dear what a poor turn out, what ever must one do to be popular !

Interesting ground rent on the market cross, some body should check on current leasing and rent levels. ( hint they are dropping).
I must say I thought the article very questioning, raising many interesting points.

As for the VATS let stick with the Cattle market..

headless said...

Hi Paul - if I knew that your polls had gone "up" (is that the right term?!) because you'd mentioned them in your blog, there's a fairly good chance that I'd click through to them - assuming that the questions aren't too "closed".
P.S. What am I doing reading your blog comments at 10:30 on a Friday night??!!
Have a good weekend.

Ruby in Bury said...

When you talk about Simon Harding's poll, do you mean the one on that site with 80s arcade game music playing in the background? I couldn't go on there without thinking of Bury St Edmunds turned in to a pac man style game. The pac man maze would be the medieval grid of the town, and you'd have to try and walk right round it gathering market food on the way to score points, while dodging various people rolling enromous clocks at you and ringing bells.

I voted in your cattle market poll, but not in the other 2 as there wasn't an appropriate answer. My answer to 1 was: "I would like to have public loos without having to pay extra council tax for them, so the budget needs reorganising."

And to 2 it would be: Only if it was a damn good clock museum and not a naff boring one like the Manor House. If it could be well done, and well presented (a bit like it is now in Moyse's). It could have a section on time travel as well - would be brilliant!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

David, you are certainly an avid commenter on my blogs. I thought everyone else had gone on holiday until I saw the above.

One of my election leaflets was badly guillotined by the candidate for Southgate whom I used to teach. The best ones said aul and some even ul Farmer. Richard thought people would know it was me.

Colin, interesing point as most people complain that rents are too high and driving the independents out. I wouldn't know, but the agent's details do say £97,000 plus a "positive premium". It is after all a prime site.

Headless, thanks for your good wishes. I'm still not clear whether you can vote on your system or not.

Ruby, I love the game. Could David and I be in it? I think my bike should feature somewhere, maybe on the pavement (naughty!) blocking the way. David could jump out with one of his leaflets. The music would have to be what I had on my last website for a painful few days before you gently said it was too blingy.

Mmmm..., not sure about your budget reorganisation. What would go? I must consult you in the new year when I'm working on the budget.

Suggestions of more interesting polls would be welcome.

david said...

Ruby - fancy calling the MHM 'naff boring'. That is even more insulting than my saying: When you've seen one old clock, you've seen them all.

Paul - you should be working on next year's budget now. Set the Council Tax first and the rest is easy.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Never fear David, I am; but I don't think Ruby should be involved just yet.

Mind you, she may have won a by-election by then. Stranger things have happened.

david said...

Paul - hopefully as an Independent rather than a Block-Voting Tory.

I wasn't going to mention it but two 3rd places in Thursday's by-elections for 'David Cameron's Conservatives' indicates that the bubble has burst.