Saturday, 14 July 2007

Loos: shock horror!

A map of what Bury will look like after 2009 is available from

If you download it to size 100% and look where the new public lavatories are to be (at the back of Debenhams across Kings Road from Ottewill Art) you will see the following distances in cms from the Corn Exchange:
Current temporary loos in School Yard/Nelson Road 18
Angel Hill loos 13
Old St Andrews St loos 9
Future loos 7
In other words, the new public lavatories will be nearer than the old ones, just over half the distance of the Angel Hill ones and 40% of the distance of the existing temporary ones.


david said...

Paul - I still think in yards, feet and inches. That's why it's further for us old people.

florrie mum said...

Paul I think I will just wait until I get home and not get involved in this one.
Re the noisy drain-it has been fixed-yippee!! Sweet dreams again. Is this another photo opportunity for you and BFP?
Can't wait to see what they come up with for David and Cattle Market defamation of the Suffolk womens character story-well said David

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

David: my 13 = 260 metres = 284 yds 1ft = 3 minutes for me.

FM: I can't take any credit for this. All I did was tell you what the paint meant. Mrs F's taken a pic nevertheless, and looking at it I'm sure you'll agree that its better out of the BFP or EADT!

david said...

Paul - yes, but I limp. I had an accident.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

That doesn't stop you calculating and assessing David.

FM - have you seen my post about your drain cover?

david said...

Paul - my point is that everyone is different. The provision of free public toilets for all is both an aspiration and a right.

Treating it as a measurement of distance is both irrelevant and degrading.

The central 'hub' of Bury St Edmunds, especially on the market days of Wednesdays and Saturdays, is the Buttermarket/Cornhill area. A responsible local authority would be keen to provide this essential and personal service to all users.

The fact that you waste your efforts in discussing comparative distances shows that you lack the common touch. Please react to the wishes of the people, most of whom have never heard of either you or me.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Calm down David. I thought that "distance" was the whole problem? Yet when I show that actually it isn't, I am "wasting my efforts", being "irrelevant", "degrading" and lacking "the common touch". Bit of a late night overreaction?

As for following "the wishes of the people", we could debate that tempting and innocent sounding maxim ad infinitum.

david said...

Paul - I don't think it was a 'late night' response particularly. You are aware that I can be fairly robust in stating my views at 6 am in the morning (but not usually on Sundays).

Ruby in Bury said...

All things considered, and although I hate to agree with the nice man in the helmet, I think we need lavatories in the town centre.

I've been nipping in to the Early Learning Centre Lavatory for years now, and it's starting to feel wrong as my children are clearly no longer Early Learning Centre age. I sometimes use the Waterstones ones, and sometimes the library ones. All the loos have always been out of the way of the centre. It's time we had some in the middle.

I think we should make a feature of them. Bury St Edmunds the toilet town. The town with the best toilets in Britain if not the world. Splash Palace in York would be nothing compared to the Bury Bogs. No wait, that doesn't sound very nice. We'd have to have a better name. I think it would be a very prestigious location for them right next to the Art Gallery. I don't think the Art Gallery would object, especially if they had an artistic theme.

I did actually think, at one point, that the Corn Exchange woulde be a good place to house "The National Museum of the Lavatory". Toilet related exhibits upstairs and the best public lavs the world has ever seen downstairs. It would attract loads of visitors to Bury St Edmunds. Clocks don't have popular appeal, but lavatories do. Maybe it's worth thinking on. (Just like the lavatory).

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Ruby, you've convinced me! If only I were still responsible for Heritage and Public Halls I could put forward your National Lavatory Museum idea.

We could also apply for World Lavatory Status and consider a National Gallery of Lavs. I can just see those letters in the BFP from local worthies calling for the council to divert resources into such a venture. It could unite the nice man and me in a collective mission.

david said...

Ruby - perhaps SEBC should ask Red Cow to come up with a suitable name for the deluxe new town toilets. After all, their last idea was a bit 'loony'. Sorry!