Friday, 6 July 2007

Cattle Market visit

Yesterday afternoon a group of Borough Councillors and officials visited the Cattle Market (note name) development. You can see us above trooping off down Risbygate Street and then kitted out on site. We're quite ordinary looking, aren't we?

It was a real eye-opener. The basements of the venue and Debenhams have been dug out and concreted, leaving the ground works well on the way to completion. It won't be long before the buildings begin to appear.

Here is a view of the venue's stage area:

Some of the endless concrete being deposited:

The new public lavatories by Debenhams will be roughly where this vehicle is - not far from the old ones in St Andrews Street behind it:

The curve of Debenhams:

From another angle, showing its basement:

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21st Century Mummy said...

Fab photos Paul. I walked past there yesterday and had a good nosey! Those foundations are amazing! Thanks for the Pay & Display comments by the way.