Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cattle Market progress

This afternoon I went to a special event at the Athenaeum where partners (representatives of commerce, charities, residents, etc) were updated on progress. There were presentations from Palmers and M&S on their commitment to the town via their future and recent expansion, Taylor Woodrow on the building progress and some interesting facts on parking:

More good news was a leaflet left on tables that, together with the fact that *r* wasn't mentioned once, should gladden the hearts of many:

It's being repeated at 6pm and like a Council groupie I'm going! What do you have to say about that David and all Ruby's anti-a*c fans?

Update at 9pm

The evening performance had a less representative audience. Simon Harding and Sir Reggie Harland (who got their questions in early and then asked more) are seasoned critics who seem to prefer to talk down rather than talk up the development - whether its car parking or letting predictions of doom and gloom. Added to them was a large contingent from Nelson Road (in my ward), who have their own particular and genuine concerns. The dreaded a*c word came up and there was more talk of lavatories. The Centros Miller representative gave a robust defence of his 100% letting prediction and challenged Simon to bring his bell along on the opening day to celebrate!

Wednesday update

Sever Boor, who gave the car park presentation, has kindly forwarded details of his slide so you can see what he was talking about:

•Parking events 2006-7 2,289,633 (9.7% increase)
2005-6 2,067,887

•Multi-storey 2006-7 170,437 (153% increase)
2005-6 67,418

•Seasonal Park and Ride 400+ spaces

•Change from long stay to short stay in St Andrews Street North Car Park

•70 additional spaces on former coach park

•Variable Message Signs


david said...

Ruby - our names have been linked together. It's an honour for me: how was it for you?

colin said...

what has changed ?

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks for posting Paul - I wasn't able to go yesterday as my personal experience of my son's first sports day is definitely more important to me than the cattle market development.

It will be interesting to see how the consultation grid will work.

david said...

I attended a police meeting in the Council Chamber yesterday early evening and was walking up Abbeygate Street afterwards when I met a Nelson Road resident coming the other way. She enquired why I wasn't going to the meeting and I said it was a rally not a meeting.

How wrong I was. Later, a local campanologist phoned to say what an excellent event it was and how he had learned so much by attending. He didn't mention that silly name or, thankfully, the town council, but sought my help on another issue.

He didn't mention this blog either but if he reads this I am pursuing the issue raised later today.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

David, are you interferring with my flock?

david said...

Paul - my 'interferring' days are sadly over. Do you see yourself as the good shepherd of Abbeygate?