Friday, 22 June 2007

In my absence...

On Tuesday we drove home from twelve days in France - of which more later. Apart from the odd weekend away and a flying visit to Mrs F's family next month, this was my main escape from St Edmundsbury.

The trouble with holidays, though, is what you come back to. In my case I thought 115 emails was quite modest - people must have respected my out-of-office message. But it still took a lot of going through because many have attachments and these and others may have to be acted upon. I only finished yesterday. Then there's the snail mail (domestic and council) and all the little chores that have built up.

What had happened in my absence? Lots, but the best is that a children crossing road sign has finally been put up outside the D & P pub in Crown Street. A local resident has been pressing me about this for months, and I have been coaxing the Borough Council into doing what should seem simple. No need to erect a sign post, just fit it to a handy lamppost. Just a minute, the lamppost is scheduled for replacement, and that's the County Council's job. Need I say more? Anyway, after much persuasion and cajoling it's finally there to warn motorists that many children and parents cross by the (notorious) "gates" at St Mary's, coming from Moreton Hall to Guildhall Feoffment school.

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Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

i'm whispering this quietly and in smallest font possible - "shared space" - we're trying to reduce sign clutterage and traffic lights at SCC not increase it. however, understand why you put it in i.e beacuse you were asked to.