Thursday, 7 June 2007

Floral success

Here is a modest bed of Begonias, but one that gave me great pleasure when I first cycled past it a couple of days ago.

About two years ago I was approached by a resident of the Saxon Gate development (where Redrow built on the old Jewsons land) who asked why this junction between Southgate Street and Maynewater Lane couldn't be spruced up. I approached Bury in Bloom who said they'd look into, but nothing happened.

Next year I made another approach, but BiB were concentrating on the Westgate Street garden.
So I asked the Borough Council's Parks Department - "no budget" for this. In fact some beds were being removed.

And then these Begonias appeared, kindly sponsored by Stowmarket Lions, to advertise their Begonia carpet display this year in the Abbey Gardens. The nice Parks staff remembered my plea and persuaded the Lions that this was a good location.

Little victories like this make being a local councillor worthwhile.


david said...

It's certainly a good location but I can't quite tell from the photo if the pedestrian crossing point is still there. Perhaps someone could advise to save me the walk.

Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

This is very nice Paul and should be commended. However, the area to the left (near the bridge) was planted by the children of Feoffment Primary School as an area of sustainable wildlife and dedicated wild flower garden as part of Bury In Bloom. I understand that St Edmundsbury Borough Council, mowed the whole lot down. Is this true and if so why?

21st Century Mummy said...

I am all for more flowers and big thanks to the Stowmarket Lions.

BTW, have you seen the discussion on a Town Crier on one of Ruby's recent posts?

David will mention it tomorrow evening...but what do you think?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Sorry for delay in posting your comments, all, due to 12 days away.

David, the crossing's still there.

Paul, one person's wildflower garden is another's overgrown grass that the council ought to cut. I think the flowers will survive, despite the pressures from residents.

21CM I have just read the town crier comments. I don't know what meeting David was referring to, but it is not like him to condone a tax hike. As to the idea, I find it a bit alarming when women yell in my ear.

david said...

I didn't 'condone a tax hike', nor did I support or oppose the introduction of a Town Crier (or two Town Criers). It was an issue raised by more than one elector and I think councillors should discuss it.

An increase in expenditure in one budget should be matched by a similar reduction in another in order to balance the books.

If Paul Farmer has a closed mind on this issue he should say so now.

Over to you, chum!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Phew! I must have misinterpreted you David.

david said...

Didn't leave the sarcasm behind in Normandy, then?

Ruby in Bury said...

LOL Paul, there are far worse things than women shouting in your ear - but I can quite see why you might not like the idea of bell ringers ;-)