Saturday, 5 May 2007

Let there be light!

Here I am this morning with Terry from Shillitoe Close, just before going to my monthly surgery. When I was first elected in 2003 it looked like this - and that was just in winter:

One of my first challenges therefore was to get it cut down. But who was responsible? Havebury Housing, who owned the path, or "the hospital" (Suffolk Mental Health Partnerships) behind?

You can guess the next bit. That's right, each said "Not me, councillor."

And that's how it went on until this year, when I got annoyed enough to suggest the Borough Council cut it and charge both of them. That seemed to do the trick (why didn't I think of that before?) and the hospital estate manager kindly said it would be done. But not until the nesting season had finished. (Oh yes, Terry and I thought, how long will that last?)

Then, out of the blue last week, the nice manager emailed me to say would it be all right if they did it on Thursday? I told Terry the good news and we held our breath. Low and behold while I was telling at The Guildhall two of his neighbours came in to vote and told me the progress being made.

I think they were going to vote for me anyway.


david said...

Paul - I've never seen you get annoyed. I'm going to be careful from now on.

Your activity today is a good example of the painstaking work of a local councillor. In the grand scheme of things it may seem minor but to Terry I'm sure it's an improvement much appreciated.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I am only smouldering. Local girl's answer may make me worse.

Disappointed not to see you and Victoria at my surgery today. No stall-holders either.

I hope Mark Ereirap-Guyer has more luck in his chat with you than I did in The Angel four years ago (ah, halcyon days) or have you offered him a front bench position in your opposition? Maybe spokesman for Independents/Greens?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I meant "Ereira" - but he might change it if he sees how good it is.

david said...

The stall-holder hasn't been on the Market for the last two Saturdays. I doubt that he would be one of your 819.

At a recent Eastgate Community Association meeting the chairman read an announcement about the stall-holders website and then for some reason bypassed the Warbys to asked me sitting at the back hidden by a pillar and flanked by two police officers, if I could recommend this website.

All I could think of was to quote Abraham Lincoln: People who like this sort of thing will find this is the sort of thing they like. I sat down to thunderous silence.

Mark Ereirs-Guyer once told me that I was the biggest wind-up merchant he had ever met. Wasn't that nice of him?

I remember that chat in the Angel in 2003 if only because I saw you consume a whole half pint of beer. I did suggest a top-up but as you then had to cycle home beyond the cricket ground, you wisely declined.

Think of the headline: Over-the-limit councillor falls off bicycle: stall-holder complains that he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Steve the Rock God said...

Is this a private discussion or can anyone join in?

Barbara Dickson said...

You haven't heard from me for a while because I've been in a coma. Congratulations on the result. A grand victory. I didn't cast my vote because my wheelchair broke down on Thursday. I would have voted Green. I like hedges.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I didn't realise you were buying David, or I'd have rashly accepted. Did you see the EADT picture of "Labour supporters" at the count?

Steve, you have joined in, whoever you are.

Barbara, you need to get on the electoral register before you can vote. To do so there's the small matter of existing and also residing in the area. I should stick to singing. Do you know Ben Harper's "The three of us"?

david said...

Paul - Yes, I saw the EADT photo and thought that it would feed your frenzied mind. Nobody is trying to get you: everybody loves you. Calm down; there, there.

My favourite Barbara Dickson track is Another Suitcase In Another Hall MCA 266. She was also a looker - probably still is. Scottish, mind.

That should see me before the Standards Board again. The charge this time would be 'Caledonianism'.

The last one was the most bizarre as it related to Jade Goody. Some woman named Smith complained that I had brought politics into disrepute. I wanted to phone her and say 'Er, leave it out, will yer? but there are two pages of Smiths in the book. She probably wouldn't have got that joke, either.

Steve - and your point?

Steve the Rock God said...

My point is "David", you are simply peculiar and I rock.

david said...

Steve - David is my real name, honest.

Doesn't it take one to know one?