Monday, 21 May 2007

The last post...?

This is where we spent most of the weekend: a converted chapel on the Essex/Herts border. It was no holiday, as the purpose was a family reunion on the Sunday; so much of the time was spent buying food (local Tesco with no s nor apostrophe), preparing it, watching it being eaten and clearing it up. But it was well worth it.

Here is the stunning view from the conservatory. A horse called Humphrey lives in the paddock beyond but I accidentally deleted his picture...
so here are some rabbits that seemed to run around all day...
and some chickens living right by the front door.

This will be my last post for some time as I am hoping develop a new website with blog facilities. This will take some time, to say the least. I hope my massive world-wide audience will be patient. I will eventually announce details on this site.
By for now....your last chance to comment


david said...

Once upon a time there were two rabbits - now there are millions.

At least the chickens are not headless or they could be seen as a metaphor for a local outfit currently making the national press.

Thank you for your support on the Tesco issue. Some of those women tried to bully me about it. Didn't work, did it? If they knew what a sensitive boy I really am, I'm sure they would have backed off.

Ruby in Bury said...

Paul, noooooo. You can't do a last post! Keep on blogging! You look like you had a nice weekend away. I think you should call this "a blogging break" and review the situation in a month's time :-)

David, I hope you have recovered from being surrounded by women shouting Tesco's at you. We didn't think it would have any effect but we enjoyed it ;-)

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

A kind plea Ruby.

I am currently trying to see if I can build a new website which will also have blogging facilities - but it may take some time!

david said...

Ruby - you really meant to write Tesco; didn't you?

Anonymous said...

God your audience are boring! I think you'll find it's 'bye'. Maybe you'll consider hiring an editor for your new site?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thanks for the correction anonymous.

How I admire your perfection. Have you got a blog or website we can go to for inspiration - or do you just find fault with others'?

I hope I haven't made any errors - teacher?

david said...

Anon - a 'bye' is a ball, not being a no-ball or a wide, which passes the striker without touching his bat or person, any runs completed by the batsmen being credited as byes.

Perhaps you mean 'goodbye'?