Friday, 9 March 2007


Here I am delivering the last of my Abbeygate In Touch newsletters yesterday. It has taken me three long sessions (about 3 hours each) on Tuesday-Thursday to deliver to about 1,200 households in "my" half of the ward. Town Councillor Richard Rout will do the other half. I was very lucky with the weather.

On my way along Angel Lane I met our Town Centre Manager, StevePeters. TCM is a completely independent body representing traders,businesses and organisations in the town c entre. I am the Borough Council's representative on the board, so we had a brief chat before I carried on delivering.

When I had finished I delivered some letters to Nelson Road residents,

who have various concerns arising from their proximity to the Cattle

Market development.

I attended their first residents' meeting on Wednesday - at The Rising Sun in Risbygate Street. They are a lively but friendly group of neighbours, and I hope I can help them with their various requests.

(Remind me not to try mixing pictures and text before I can run...)

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