Sunday, 4 March 2007

What Paul has done

What Paul has achieved in the past...just a few examples: for up-to-date info please go back to 'home' and scroll down until you're bored!

The Chalk Road residents' parking annexe

There are double yellow lines on both sides of Chalk Road South (pictured), but there was always an unused space for about 14 cars between the road and the surface car park. After organising a petition with one of the residents, once he was elected in 2003 Paul managed to get agreement that this space could be used for residents' permit parking. He has recently succeeded in getting additional spaces in the Victoria Road scheme (see below).

Paul in Chalk Road South

The residents' parking scheme for Victoria and Albert Streets
Since before he was elected Paul campaigned for this much needed facility, given the outsiders' use of Victoria Street in particular. It took until 2006 to get it instituted!

No mobile phone masts on the BT building in Whiting Street

Paul (pictured right on site looking very serious!) led residents in various attempts to defeat planning permission initially or on appeal. So far all have been successful.

New bus-stops for Kings Road

Elderly residents of the far end of Kings Road, and particularly Shillitoe Close, wanted the bus that went past there to stop, especially for the return journey from town with heavy shopping bags. Before he was elected Paul contacted the company, who were quick to oblige. This was and still is very popular with residents, but apparently less so with a councillor at the time and some of the bus drivers!

A Toucan crossing at Southgate Green

An Abbeygate resident approached Paul about this soon after he was elected and he advised her to collect a petition. She did, and he helped her present it to the then Cabinet. The result was a crossing which is now well used and appreciated.

Campaigners at the new crossing

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